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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are currently offered?

The class schedule page can be found here.

How much do courses cost?

The tuition and fees page can be found here.

How can I apply?

The Application Process

  1. The first step is to apply online:  Apply here.
  2. Next, supporting documents need to be submitted.
  3. You will need:
    1. Church Statement - This is a recommendation from your home church and statement of church membership.
    2. High School Diploma Copy or Official College Transcript
    3. Proof of Immunization
    4. Pastor Reference
    5. Church Leader Reference
    6. Friend Reference One
    7. Friend Reference Two
    8. Background Check
  4. Complete Online Orientation
  5. Be advised
  6. Attend On-campus or Extension Center Orientation (not required for online only students)
  7. Register for Classes
  8. Start classes!

The Application Process for International Students

We are privileged to have students come to Leavell College from all over the world. The application process for International Students requires a few additional steps if you would like to attend classes in the United States.

  1. The first step is to apply online. Apply Here.
  2. Next, supporting documents and need to be submitted. We will need:
    1. Church Statement - This is a recommendation from your home church.
    2. High School Diploma or Transcript
    3. Proof of Immunization
    4. Pastor Reference
    5. Church Leader Reference
    6. Friend Reference One
    7. Friend Reference Two
    8. Background Check (only if student has been in the United States for more than six months)
    9. Color Copy of Passport
    10. International Address
    11. Statement of Financial Support (notarized)
    12. World Educational Services (WES) Evaluation of transcript
    13. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)  or Duolingo score required
  3. Once all documents are completed and approved, we will send you an I-20 Form and you will schedule an appointment to acquire an F1-Visa.
  4. Complete Online Orientation
  5. Be advised
  6. Attend On-Campus or Extension Center Orientation (if applicable)
  7. Register for Classes
  8. Attend Classes!

What programs are offered at Leavell College?

Bachelor Degrees

Currently, seven majors are being offered for those pursuing a BA:

Associate Degrees

Leavell College also offers several Associate Degrees. The Associate Degrees are designed to prepare students for ministry. All classes taken in completion of the Associate Degrees are transferable to a Bachelor Degree.

Diploma in Christian Ministry  

Specifically geared for students who do not have a high school diploma or GED but would like to achieve seminary training.

Leavell College Certificate

The Leavell College Certificate is an 18 hour certificate aimed at providing a foundation for students not currently enrolled in seminary training. These courses are the same level as undergraduate courses and transfer in directly to the Bachelors or Associates. The certificates offered are:


What are the different ways I can take classes?

Taking Classes

We at Leavell College understand that life can make taking classes hard. We provide many different ways to take classes. One of the best parts about these class taking methods is that you are able take a variety of formats together. This means that you can take a hybrid, internet, and traditional class in the same semester if that works best for you. You will be sure to find a way that works with your busy schedule.

Traditional Classes

Our traditional courses provide students with the opportunity to sit in a classroom with fellow students and learn from our faculty in a traditional setting. These courses are offered Monday through Friday in a block scheduling format.

Internet Classes

Our online classes make distance learning easy and accessible for students all over the world. Students can take classes online without ever having to leave their ministry setting. A Bachelors and Associates can be completed in the online format.

Extension Centers

Leavell College has undergraduate extension centers throughout the southeastern region. This is a great way to have traditional class interaction while remaining in your ministry setting. You can access the Extension Center Website here.

Hybrid Classes

These classes are a unique blend of traditional classes and internet course work. Classes meet once a month during the semester for extended classroom sessions with face to face interaction. The majority of assignments and coursework are completed online.


Intensives are offered at various times throughout the school year. Intensives meet for one week only. These classes involve pre-work and post-work assignments. These are sometimes in the classroom setting or conference formats. This is a great way for students to complete a course in one week!

Mentoring Classes

Our newest way of taking classes include mentoring classes. These classes provide a real world experience in a practical ministry setting. Students meet with a mentor of their choice on a weekly, participate in ministry on a regular basis and submit reading assignments online. Students can take this course up to 3 times and actually minor in Mentoring.

Must I enroll in a degree program at NOBTS?

No, you can take classes as a non-degree seeking, or transient, student. You can take classes without having to work toward a degree. Please contact us if you have any questions about being a non-degree student. You can apply here.

If you have additional questions about the courses being offered or how they will fit into the curriculum, please contact the undergraduate office at 1-504-282-4455 ext 8590. You may also email us at lcadminasst@nobts.edu

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